Cleaning Services For Any Situation

Helping our customers meet their cleaning needs through any situation each and every day

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Leave It To Us

When working with SMV you can have peace of mind.

We always have your back. In every situation.

Licenced and Insured

Fully insured with Liability, Workers Compensation, and Auto Insurances as well as being compliant with services such as Compliance Depot and Net Vendor so we can provide the safest environment for our clients and employees.

15+ Years of Experience

Having been in the industry for over 15 years has enabled us to deliver stress free experiences for all of our clients. We have gathered experience to handle all of our clients needs and assist with any janitorial services required.

Affordable Quality

Providing a peace of mind to our clients means keeping our prices affordable and not sacrificing quality. We guarantee our services each and every day, so it is one less thing to worry about.

Why Choose SMV

There is no comparison to the level of service we provide and these are the qualities that drive our business

SMV Cleaning - Service You Can Trust

There are standards that we thrive to maintain in order to provide the highest quality cleaning services and maintain healthy client relationships. Throughout the years, we have been teaching and enforcing principals with all of our employees so that our presence is nothing but pleasant

Through these core values, we have come to be the business you can rely on for any situation. You can count on our experience to deliver on time, with quality, and help guide you through all of your needs

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We always show our clients the utmost respect and ensure that all of our employees share the same mindset. This is one of our most important qualities as we want our customers to feel comfortable and happy when we are providing our cleaning services. We are a company you can have working in any environment with no hesitation
We understand that time is of the essence and that emergencies happen. You can count on us to always be there, and have the job done right when you need it. In addition, when that emergency does happen, we will still be there, ready to tackle any situation we can help with.
All of our employees have worked in the field for many years. In addition, they all go through a traning period. During this time, we share everything we have learned through our 15+ years of service and this is what keeps our cleaning quality at its best
We want to ensure that all of our employees are providing the highest quality cleaning services. Therefore, we train them to go through a checklist customized to the job they are completing. In addition, we take time and visit many of our clients and personally go through the work we are completing in order to adjust anything we see not meeting our quality standards
Part of the training we provide to our employees is to use adequate cleaning supplies. We want to ensure they are using safe, and effective chemicals when necessary. It is important to us that all surfaces are adequately disinfected and brought to a shine.