Property Vendor Services

We provide vendor service to residential communities and multi-family buildings. With these services, you can count on us to always be there day to day to complete any scheduled work. Property Vendor Cleaning Services typically include handling the cleaning for residential units before a move in or a after a move out. In addition, we may also place our employees in residential buildings as House Keepers to continually handle janitorial work throughout the day, with a custom built schedule tailored to your needs

We have extensive experience with some of the biggest rental communities in South Florida, and this is experience we can bring to manage cleaning services for you! Please Contact Us if you would like more information or Get a Free Quote now! See below for more details!

Property Vendor Services Include:

Main Office & Clubhouse

Scheduled cleaning of the main office and clubhouse throughout the week in order to maintain a clean image for potential clients that come in for rentals


Ammenties such as restrooms, gyms, pool restrooms, and more are typically scheduled to be cleaned along with the main office so that everything clean, disinfected, and smells great. This gives a pleasant feel to any potential clients coming in

Model Apartments

Model Apartments are what make or break a deal many times with clients. Let us give your community a boost by keeping your model apartments impecably clean, so everyone gets a great first impression

Move In/Move Outs

We know that apartments are often not left in great conditions after a resident moves out. Through scheduling together with your maintenance crew, we will be able to get these apartments back in shape for the next resident coming in


There are many residential building that require continuouse janitorial service throughout the day. We can place one of our employees as a housekeeper in your building in order to maintain the main office, hallways, elevators, stairwells, ameneties, and anything you require throughout the day

And More...

No two communities are the same, and we understand each one may have different needs. We provide a vast variety of cleaning services to accommodate anything that must be done. Contact Us and we can provide free quotes for any service you require!